Lelo: Your Orgasms Can Thank Us Later!

Lelo: Your Orgasms Can Thank Us Later!

Female Masturbation

Calling all “Muffin Buffin” Women!  Can we all agree that each of us deserves the opportunity to achieve orgasm as much as a man does! While I know most of us don’t possess the “quick trigger” climax ability of a man who is in “self pleasure” mode, we still can take matters into our own hands or fingers! Who says we must wait for another person to lend a helping hand?

Well, that’s definitely the inspiration behind this article.  Women have come a remarkable distance considering that the “days of old” when we were embarrassed to talk about our sexual desires, fantasies and I will go ahead and say it, NEEDS! Many of our readers have recently enjoyed a revival of their sexual spirit prompted by the book Fifty Shades of Grey.

Lelo Orgasms

Rest assured, most women understand what they like or at the very least what they think they would like (to have done) with the right partner.  Some might even begin to push the envelope of their sexual experimentation, be it solo or with someone else.  Go ahead and don’t be afraid and/or ashamed of it!

Women everywhere deserve the feeling of release an orgasm brings and who says we must wait for another person to help us achieve climax?  We can not always wait for date or partner.  I do not know about you but, occasionally this girl needs to take care of herself!

Female MasturbationThe staff at Muffin Buffin has had the opportunity to review some great “self pleasure” products.  But first, we need to make one thing clear and clarify the difference between the dildo and vibrator.  While the overall design is similar a vibrator uses battery power and vibrates, hence the name.  A dildo on the other-hand while it offers penetration does not vibrate as it is powerless.

Now, with that cleared up, how about we enter the next realm of self-induced orgasmic bliss?!  Rest assured, Muffin Buffin will not place any company/product on our website that does not offer our readers the Very Best. . . Allow us to introduce Lelo!

Lelo Female Masturbation

GIGI™ 2 offers exhilarating solo pleasure massager offers a self pleasure experience by offering a product with a curved and flattened tip. This product will find your G-spot, even if you didn’t believe it actually existed!

Enjoy the intense pleasure of simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation with the world’s most exclusive dual-action massager, redefining and enriching the classic rabbit vibe design with that unmistakable touch of luxury.

Lelo Lesbian Sex Female Masturbation

Love Oral Sex?  Who doesn’t?! ORA™ 2 is the presented as the world’s most intelligent oral sex simulator. . .  and who are we to argue?  This product really offers a realistic sensation of oral sex that will allow you to orgasm via a sensation that only oral can provide and will keep you cumming back for more!

Can you say, “State of the Art?”  All Together Now, Shall We?  For the woman wishing to push her (or totally break through them) boundaries of pleasure, INA2 is like no other product on the market.  Rather than go “on and on” about this out of the world innovation the above the image below is indeed a “picture worth a thousand words! Lelo offers their explanation of the bodily sensation achieved during orgasm as a “Blended Climax.” However, our take is just random “Ooohs and Ahhhs” along with a “Holy Fuck Does that Feel Great” thrown in for good measure!

Lelo Female Orgasm

So, what are you waiting for?  Click one of the links on this page or head on back to muffinbuffin.com and click on the Lelo product images located on the left-hand side.  Lelo offers an impressive collection of upscale sex toys for women who “won’t settle for second best.”

Check them out soon. . .

Your Orgasms Can Thank Us Later!


First Time: Lesbian Sex

First Time: Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex
“Fuck those stupid boys” was all I could say. I was tired of their games and always wanted to kiss me and finger me like it was giving me pleasure. I had always wondered about lesbian sex and wanted to act upon it. I called my best girlfriend Allie and told her that I was done with men, or should I say boys?! “I know,” she said. Allie had just broken up with her loser boyfriend a few days earlier herself. Allie and I had joked around about lesbian sex in the past but, it was just girl talk. Around here it’s always the same, loser guys that want the girl to pay for anything! Fuck that from now on!
I called Allie and asked if she wanted to hang out or maybe just go to the movies. She was somewhat bummed about her breakup but, I was just pissed! She said she wasn’t feeling very well but, I convinced her it would be a good thing to get out and offered to pick her up. Secretly, I had thought about asking her if she wanted to finally try lesbian sex tonight. When I got to Allie’s house, little did I know my life was about to change forever when Allie’s mother answered the door.
“Hello, is Allie ready?” “Oh, I’m afraid not,” Allie’s mother Cassandra said. I guess I shouldn’t have pushed her to go out with me as she was apparently running a fever.  Cassandra told me to go upstairs and say hello through the door so that I wouldn’t catch her cold or whatever was making her run a fever. Allie managed to apologize in a weak voice and said she would definitely take a “rain check.” I went back downstairs. “Why so sad?” Cassandra asked. It’s nothing (lying through my teeth), really nothing was all I could offer.
I know that look anywhere and I’m sure a boy has something to do with it. Busted, Cassandra was so right! “Why don’t you stay here while I bake these snicker doodle cookies.” I figure why not, I love fresh baked cookies and wanted to get out anyway. It didn’t take Cassandra long to start prying into the details of what was causing the “funk” that had taken over my normally cheery personality. “It’s OK if you don’t want to talk,” she said. I didn’t want to bother my friends mom but, she was the one asking so I felt it OK to open up and tell her about how pissed I was at how boys treat girls in general.
“Well, when I was growing up my mom told me that I would have to get used to it. Now, things have thankfully changed. We don’t have to put up with that shit any longer. Why do you think I divorced Allie’s lazy ass father?” “Oh my,” was all I could utter. Cassandra then proceeded to tell me that her ex was a horrible kisser, couldn’t keep a decent job and totally sucked in bed. “I figured he would learn (since we married so young when I was pregnant with Allie) but, a woman can only take so much and we need to be satisfied sexually,” she said.
“Holy shit,” this conversation was going to get interesting I thought to myself. Cassandra had just finished with her mixing of the batter when she asked me if I wanted to lick the beater. My answer changed my life forever and opened up my world to lesbian sex!
Stay tuned for part two of Lesbian Sex!