First Time: Lesbian Sex

First Time: Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex
“Fuck those stupid boys” was all I could say. I was tired of their games and always wanted to kiss me and finger me like it was giving me pleasure. I had always wondered about lesbian sex and wanted to act upon it. I called my best girlfriend Allie and told her that I was done with men, or should I say boys?! “I know,” she said. Allie had just broken up with her loser boyfriend a few days earlier herself. Allie and I had joked around about lesbian sex in the past but, it was just girl talk. Around here it’s always the same, loser guys that want the girl to pay for anything! Fuck that from now on!
I called Allie and asked if she wanted to hang out or maybe just go to the movies. She was somewhat bummed about her breakup but, I was just pissed! She said she wasn’t feeling very well but, I convinced her it would be a good thing to get out and offered to pick her up. Secretly, I had thought about asking her if she wanted to finally try lesbian sex tonight. When I got to Allie’s house, little did I know my life was about to change forever when Allie’s mother answered the door.
“Hello, is Allie ready?” “Oh, I’m afraid not,” Allie’s mother Cassandra said. I guess I shouldn’t have pushed her to go out with me as she was apparently running a fever.  Cassandra told me to go upstairs and say hello through the door so that I wouldn’t catch her cold or whatever was making her run a fever. Allie managed to apologize in a weak voice and said she would definitely take a “rain check.” I went back downstairs. “Why so sad?” Cassandra asked. It’s nothing (lying through my teeth), really nothing was all I could offer.
I know that look anywhere and I’m sure a boy has something to do with it. Busted, Cassandra was so right! “Why don’t you stay here while I bake these snicker doodle cookies.” I figure why not, I love fresh baked cookies and wanted to get out anyway. It didn’t take Cassandra long to start prying into the details of what was causing the “funk” that had taken over my normally cheery personality. “It’s OK if you don’t want to talk,” she said. I didn’t want to bother my friends mom but, she was the one asking so I felt it OK to open up and tell her about how pissed I was at how boys treat girls in general.
“Well, when I was growing up my mom told me that I would have to get used to it. Now, things have thankfully changed. We don’t have to put up with that shit any longer. Why do you think I divorced Allie’s lazy ass father?” “Oh my,” was all I could utter. Cassandra then proceeded to tell me that her ex was a horrible kisser, couldn’t keep a decent job and totally sucked in bed. “I figured he would learn (since we married so young when I was pregnant with Allie) but, a woman can only take so much and we need to be satisfied sexually,” she said.
“Holy shit,” this conversation was going to get interesting I thought to myself. Cassandra had just finished with her mixing of the batter when she asked me if I wanted to lick the beater. My answer changed my life forever and opened up my world to lesbian sex!
Stay tuned for part two of Lesbian Sex!

First Time: College Lesbian

First Time: College Lesbian

Lesbian Sex

My first time college lesbian encounter having girl girl lesbian sex was freshmen year with my roommate Angela. I started college heading to an upscale private institution in Vermont from sunny Florida.  What transpired over the next four years was an education both the classroom and sexually. My roommate and I became good friends and we’d often talk about guys. Angela seemed to always have difficulties with her boyfriend. . . and mine was well, back in Florida. After a few months I missed my boyfriend and felt homesick.

Angela and I supported each other with during these trouble times dealing with men, or should I say boys?! We never really thought much about how we were becoming closer with each conversation.  Several times while laying on the couch watching some boring reality (or lack thereof) series, we cuddled so that we could both watch the show in comfort.  This became fairly routine and I loved Angela’s physical touch.
While I appreciated her closeness, I was sometimes a little uneasy about having another woman so close to me. As these cuddle sessions progressed, Angela would occasionally go so far as the glancing the underside of my breast while I pretended not to notice.  Mentally, I always told myself that if she went any further I ‘d object. . .  at least that’s what I told myself. She didn’t allow her hands to explore further until about a week or two afterwards.

I had become accustomed to her innocent exploration and just let her hand proceed until she touched my ever hardening nipples over my comfy college t-shirt. My whole body shook internally. It was electric but, she stopped her caress without reason shortly afterwards. Perhaps, this build up of sexual tension was part of her unspoken plan, or that she was as scared as I was about taking our friendship to the next level.

The next time we stayed in to enjoy “300 channels of nothing to watch,” she gave me a small kiss on the cheek and told me to relax and that we both needed what was about to happen. She turned the lights out aside from a lava lamp that was glowing soft purple. I knew at that moment, I needed to “give in” and let our mutual emotions take over. It had been so long since I had experienced intimacy on this level and the first time with a woman!  She kissed me again, this time opening her mouth slightly so that I could taste her tongue while returning the favor.

It was all encompassing, gentle, sensuous and passionate. She brought her breast to my mouth as she took her top off first. I had seen her gorgeous breasts before while showering but, this was the first time I ever touched then, let alone taste them!  I began to suck and bite her nipple while allowing our synergistic libido take over. Angela then gave me the surprise of my life by reaching into her drawer and pulling out her vibrator. Secretly, I knew she had one and she probably knew about mine too!

I immediately pulled my shorts and underwear off and she started to stroke my dripping pussy. Although we had never been with a woman before, it didn’t take either of us long to figure out what felt good and got us off! Angela began licking my wetness and plunging her fingers deep inside my pussy. Soon, her own womanly instinct signaled I was near climax so she placed her vibrator on my throbbing clit to finish me off.  I had experienced some near orgasms thanks to my own fingers (never my boyfriend for sure) before but, nothing like this! How much wasted time, I thought!

However, I could not dwell on lost orgasms. I needed to take care of Angela and now! I licked all the way from her lips stopping briefly at her neck to give her a “near hickey” and the proceeded south to her cleanly shaved pussy. I began to lick bottom to top through her slick wetness and after a minute or so, she begged me to get up while she rolled over “doggy style.” I never even got the chance to finger her. . .  more about that in a few!

Angela wanted me to fuck her from behind which, I already knew was her favorite sexual position from out pillow talk about boys.  I resumed my licking but, she quickly grabbed her vibrator and held it from underneath on her clit. I did my best to eat her pussy some more but, it was somewhat difficult in this position.  What Angela passionately demanded next changed my life forever.

“Tongue my ass now she screamed!” Not only had I never been with a woman, I have NEVER thought I would stick my tongue in someones ass.  Well, I had already gone this far so what did I have to lose?  I promptly darted my tongue deep into Angela’s puckering asshole which, was actually easier than trying to eat her pussy from this angle. When I had her ass nice and wet my fingers slid their way in, first one then two. I pumped them in and out slowly at first then sped up the tempo as my new-found “dirty girl” held her vibrator as only she knew how in preparation to explode in pleasure.

I could not believe I had my fingers buried in my roommates ass! Angela soon started to let out soft moans which escalated in to scream of total release. I felt her asshole’s orgasmic contractions hold my fingers inside and I didn’t dare attempt to remove them. . . not until her clenching had stopped.  Talk about an amazing first time experience! We gave each other a quick smirk of approval and then a lingering kiss of thanks.Angela grabbed my hand and we hopped in the shower together to cool down. Although, I did take the opportunity to slide my fingers into her pussy this time.  I joked that I didn’t get my true first time lesbian experience without fingering another woman but, was saving “my ass” for something special with her in the future! We laughed and joked about how we were going to save the college and planets water supply by showering together from that point forward.

“>While we never officially dated, Angela and I enjoyed our “special relationship” throughout our undergrad years. We didn’t need to date in traditional fashion. . .  we had something much more special and everlasting. In fact, still stay in touch and always enjoy reflecting upon our “cuddle time.” And yes, I FINALLY gave in and let her have MY ASS. . .  and after several attempts leading up to the big moment, with a strap-on no less!

Angela and I have since both graduated and went on to successful careers in the business world. Whatever came my boyfriend, you ask? Well, I broke up with his sorry ass immediately after my first semester break!

Small Town Girl: Lesbian

Small Town Girl: Lesbian

Lesbian Sex
My name is Jennifer but, everyone calls me Jen.  My story begins in an economically depressed community in North Carolina.   Most people lost their jobs when NAFTA (as Ross Perot predicted) sucked all of the jobs south to Mexico. We were lucky that we still managed to keep some NASCAR related jobs as well as some antique shops and amazing BBQ joints. . . and who can forget Bojangles?!

As a teenager, I was so “bored of being bored!” However, I managed to escape “Small Town America” through sports.

My parents divorced early when he lost his high paying (for this part of the country) managerial job at the local textile plant. My father, Kenny had me one weekend per month during school and during the entire summer. Although it sucked living with my mother, I was able to escape through my yearly travel with my father. He took me on some really cool vacations and tried to make up for “lost time” since the courts (sure as hell, not me) decided I should live with my mother. She had an awesome attorney that I later found out “through the grapevine” was fucking to help pay her legal bills while screwing over my father.

In high school, I was considered cute but, not “hot” by any means. I was somewhat flat chested, tight bodied and very athletic. Most of my friends started to get bigger boobs (so it seemed) every time I saw them. For most, high school is a good or bad experience, rarely in the middle socially. Luckily, I had athletics on my side and it spiked my popularity, especially during basketball and track season. All of my girlfriends starting getting attention from boys by wearing slutty clothes and even sluttier makeup! Not me, I had no boyfriend and wore very little makeup. . .  my mom told me I’d look like a cheap whore, one of the few times she was right!

Actually, most of the girls on my teams started having sexual experiences at age 14, 15, 16. . . way too young if you ask me! For the most part, I was a good girl as I didn’t want anything to impair my athletics. I guess I “rebelled” by touching myself in the shower after track practice for the first time during my junior year. While it felt kinda nice and tingly, deep down I knew there was something more.  I was nervous about breaking my hymen if I tried to finger myself. . . perhaps, that was what I was missing. Besides, I heard from several of the “slutty girls” that it really hurt the first time.

I was committed to sports and decided to focus on that in lieu of self pleasure. In fact, I remained a virgin throughout high school. I figured most of the boys didn’t deserve to “to go all the way” with me and (now that I’m honest with myself) started to become bi-curious.

After my senior year, I went to live my father as I usually did during the summer break. Only this time, I was staying for good as I earned a sports scholarship at a small private college located in the same town. He had finally gotten remarried to a very attractive and fit woman named Michelle who was an all-state swimmer in high school. I wasn’t thrilled to be sharing “our family time” with her but, I was still happy that he found someone. My mother treated him like shit while they were together.

I was impressed how my new stepmother accepted me without the typical, I’m the new wife/stepmother syndrome.  We went shopping and did “girl things” together when the opportunity arose.  I quickly noticed that she was nothing like my mother or in fact, anyone I had ever met.  I really admired her spirit and outlook on life.  Good job dad! During that summer, my body seemed to blossom almost overnight. My boobs were now something I could be proud of, not too big and not too small. My body had become more proportioned and I had an awesome tan that accentuated my toned body ready for college athletics.

Sometimes, I found myself staring into the mirror amazed at the “girl to woman” transformation my body had FINALLY undergone. I was getting ready for my first day of college and my new stepmother caught me posing in front of my mirror, taking a Selfie for absolutely no reason. “You need some help with that?” she asked. OMG, I was so embarrassed!Seriously honey, if I had that body, I might take a few pictures myself, she playfully added. Here, give me that phone. I was both freaked out and pleased (by all the attention) at the same time. I sheepishly handed over my cell phone and wondered just what I had done? I nervously uttered, well Michelle, I hope when I’m age, I have your body! I explained that I was taking photos so that I could compare my body to just a few months ago and apologized for catching me in the act.

Well, you have nothing to worry about Jen.  I can speak from experience, she said. It might be because we are both athletes.  I was a late bloomer myself but, once I became comfortable with my “entire body,” everything just seemed to fall into place. What you mean, “entire body,” I asked? Well Jen, since you are already taking photos, it might be best if I show you. . . you can even take an educational video if you like!  Just promise NEVER to show it to anyone and erase it once you “Get It!”  It will be our “woman law” secret.  She then handed my cell phone back to me and proceeded to walk over to my bed. Before I knew it, she had started to remove her top and kicked of her shoes. She then turned around showcasing the best looking tits I had even seen. Holy fuck, are those real, I exclaimed?

Yes, now, not another word, I want you to focus on “how to enjoy being a woman,” even by yourself. She then slid down her tights revealing nothing but skin underneath. I wanted so bad to ask so many questions but, somehow I knew my naked ass better just stay quiet and pay attention!

Stay tuned for Part II!

Lesbian Sex: Muffin Buffin Update!

Lesbian Sex: Muffin Buffin Update!

Lesbian Sex Porn
My, how time flies! Since our last update, we wanted you to let everyone know that Muffin Buffin has agreed to work with some amazing new adult industry partners. These new partnerships will allow us to bring you even more exclusive Premium Lesbian and Solo Female content. We are talking some heavy hitters, such as “Club Filly” and “Girls Out West.”  Holy Fuck, those Australian chicks are HOT!    Rest assured, we take our job and the website seriously. . . we pledge to continuously search for industry leading Premium XXX Network content.
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Lesbian Sex and Female Masturbation Update

Lesbian Sex and Female Masturbation Update

Free Lesbian Porn Sex

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Erotica and Muffin Buffin

Erotica and Muffin Buffin

Free Lesbian Sex Videos
Alright, I’ll let it out. . . You read Fifty Shades of Grey and (deep down) strangely related to it. You’ve generally been interested/intrigued about different sorts of Erotica and Porn, yet never had the nerve to pursue this curiosity. Where does one begin? Personally, many women prefer to not filter through the never ending supply of male-dominated porn websites. Welcome to the world of Muffin Buffin!
You have now rang the doorbell and been cordially welcomed into the realm of women in their sublime search of “female friendly” filth! Fifty Shades of Grey without a doubt slung Erotica into a more traditional standard, and accordingly, there are more choices than any time in recent memory for inquisitive individuals, for example, yourself. Embrace the opportunity!
That being said, Erotica can be extremely beneficial for ladies in the pursuit of achieving climax. Latest studies have observed that uninhibited sexual mindsets can help ladies achieve orgasmic more readily and for some, quite effortlessly. In the event that you haven’t experience the wonders of self-climax yet, seriously consider adding some Erotica or straight up Porn to your masturbation schedule. What have you got to lose?
There’s such a great amount of Erotica out there that its never been easier to attempt to recognize secret fantasies or interests before you begin your relentless pursuit of “what turns you on” in real-time!  This pursuit can be via the internet or for the more confident, in person. Did you like Fifty Shades strictly for the domination power play, or just on the grounds that it was deviously titillating? Is there a certain dream you have that you’ve never truly tried to turn into reality? Have you even wondered why you didn’t “make the first move” with that special someone and “push the envelope” when you had a chance?
For some the first step might be to compose your own particular “dirty girl” stories. You can work out dreams you’ve had “over and over again,” or portray some of your most sizzling sexual experiences. You can likewise take some of your past encounters and jazz them up a bit. Was the last woman you dated incredibly hot, yet “lifeless” in bed? If that’s the case, there are a ton of sexual method how-to books that can be truly stimulating also. Make this your perfect scenario; fantasizing while you conduct some in-depth research!
In the case you’re single, consider treating yourself to an exotic solo “night in.” It is wise to generally encourage ladies to permit themselves the opportunity to explore different avenues regarding the substance of their erotica.  Set up a time to truly unwind and explore yourself.  Take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine (or three) and take as much time as required to forget the stresses of the world in preparation for your masturbation date. Such a large number of individuals utilization porn to help them get off rapidly, yet there’s a more rewarding approach to pacing yourself to a well-deserved orgasm.
For those of you that enjoy a current girl/girl relationship, you can feel free to share and experience your most provocative Erotica research with one another. Issue yourselves authorization to impart “what you think you might like” but understand boundaries well beforehand.  You don’t want your dreams to turn into a nightmare on the off chance that she enjoys something you’re not totally into. You can alternate sharing your most loved stories self written or elsewhere to one another.  Perhaps, watching a film together and copying the artists will make things easier and open up the floodgates to experimentation.
Erotica can be an extraordinary approach to connect with a percentage of the dreams that you haven’t fulfilled, all things equally considered, so authorize your inner “dirty girl” to get as lewd as she’d like! Rest assured, there are many people like yourself who are in the “same frustrated boat” as you. There are numerous legitimate dating sites that afford each person the chance to find that special someone while fulfilling mutual dreams and turning fantasy into reality.
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Muffin Buffin: Female Masturbation

Muffin Buffin: Female Masturbation

Free Lesbian Solo Masturbation Site

Calling all Muffin Buffers!  Women, you know what I’m talking about. . . “buffin your muffin!” We have received some nice feedback regarding our new site and will be enacting some of your comments/suggestions.  In fact, we are going to start combining Muffin Buffin updates on this blog while we occasionally publish (or have a guest writer) some additional titillating photos or videos, etc.  With that said, if you’ve ever wanted to contribute some erotic writings or photos to cyberspace, now’s your chance!

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Thanks again, EVERYONE!